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We all dream of a beautiful smile. If nature has not given you beautiful straight teeth, then we can help.

We do not use normal braces, but transparent Invisalign braces on the teeth, which are so modest that your friends do not realize that you are straightening your teeth. That’s not the case with old fashioned braces, is it?

If braces are often accompanied by problems with bad breath, cavities, loosening (which is why it is necessary to go to the dentist quickly), gingivitis, etc., then there are no such concerns with wearing Invisalign.

The invisible braces are comfortable, they are easy to remove during eating and brushing and put back on. They do not damage teeth or gums. 

When choosing Invisalign, you have to see your doctor not more than 4 to 5 times during the teeth straightening treatment. That is much less than choosing ordinary braces.

In the case of Invisalign, the final result of the treatment can be seen even before you make the desicion. Also you know exactly how long does it take and what is the total cost.

Depending on your age and the position of your teeth, we choose between three packages: either only 1 jaw or both.

We offer Invisalign invisible braces.

  • Invisalign package “Lite” Your smile needs correction: there is a small lack of space in the front teeth. The package includes 14 retainers. Price up to 3500 euros.


  • Invisalign “Full” package You need to do more work, your teeth are also a concern; these are lack of space and other problems. The number of retainers depends on the scale of the problem. Price up to 4000 euros.

The price includes the total cost of the treatment from start to finish.

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