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We are leaders of oral health in Estonia.

CityMed initially acted as Oriola OY’s Dental Representative in Estonia, bringing high-quality dental materials from all over the world.

After the establishment of Oriola AS, Dr. Meeme Mõttus continued as the head of the dental department for another 4 years.

“Vanalinna Hambaravi” was founded in the beginning of 1994 together with Dr.Peeter Jõers. The clinic had 2 dental chairs at that time. The clinic was very modern at the time and made it possible to offer patients the latest treatment technology with the best materials. 

In connection with the need to develop a prosthetic service, “Kesklinna Hambaravi” was founded, which was opened at the end of 1995 at Narva mnt 7. The clinic housed 3 dental clinics and the first prosthetic laboratory of a private clinic. 

The innovative clinic at Ahtri tn 7, operating under the CityMed brand, was opened in 2000. In addition to 6 dental offices, the clinic also had a larger prosthetic laboratory and rehabilitation treatment. 

In the meantime, it was necessary to take time off and think about how to proceed. In 2007, Dr.Meeme Mõttus founded “CityMed”, the first clinic with 2 treatment rooms on Narva Road. 

In 2009, a new and larger clinic was opened at the current address Narva mnt 59. Initially, the clinic had 2 dental offices and a high-tech prosthetic laboratory.

In 2014, the clinic has a total of 5 dental offices. These premises are still operating today.

Dr.Meeme Mõttus has continuously trained Estonian dentists in his clinics, who have become successful dentists: Lauri Vahtra, Timo Paber, Kirsten Nigul, Reet Pallas, Triin Lindma, Katre Kröönström, Piret Väli, Anton Garajev, Martin Martma, Kati Vald, Laura Aluoja, Mikhail Bõtsinski.

  • 25 years of experience
  • 200,000 dental coverings installed
  • 8,000 dental implants installed
  • Last year we had 8,200 visits
  • 6 years of Invisalign experience

Our Services

  • Implantation
  • 3D bone restoration
  • Bone augmentation
  • Gum plastic surgery with your own or artificial gums
  • Zoom in-office whitening
  • Home whitening
  • Dental veneers
  • Invisalign invisible braces/ aligners
CityMed Institute

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