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kaunis naeratus, hammaste valgendamine

Have you noticed when you looked at your older photos that your teeth were much whiter then than they are now? If so, we can restore their former beauty or give them a whole new shine.

We have more than 20 years of experience in teeth whitening and we use the latest technology that does not damage teeth or gums. We will restore your beautiful smile and make your teeth up to 6 shades lighter. 

There are many reasons for teeth to darken, such as drinking coffee or tea, smoking, using medication, and so on. Therefore, before the whitening procedure, it is difficult to estimate exactly how many shades the teeth turn whiter. If necessary, we can use a special tooth tone measuring device. Just for your information – whitening only affects your own teeth, so if you have a crown or dental filling in your mouth, their color will not change.

We offer various options for teeth whitening. Make an appointment for a consultation with your doctor to choose the most appropriate technology.

Price of elegant teeth whitening:

  • ZOOM whitening is comfortable, safe and provides a beautiful, up to 6 shades of lighter tooth tone
    • Price 350 EUR
  • Whitening gel for home use with mouth tray
    • Ask for a quote

Whitening procedure

Is the Zoom whitening procedure pleasant?

Before starting Zoom whitening, make sure that all teeth have been repaired and cleaned. We use special cleaning pastes to provide a thorough result.

Then our dentist will choose the right technology with you. Depending on the technology, the procedure can take from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

After whitening, some teeth may be a little sensitive, and although this goes away quickly, you should definitely inform our doctor of any changes. We can reduce the sensitivity of your teeth with special tools.