Leader in Implantology & Aesthetics
We will always find a solution for even the most complex cases!

A beautiful smile


We use the most suitable solutions for whitening.

The result is a bright white smile.  

Missing tooth


The best solution for tooth loss is to replace it with an implant.

Our implants have a lifetime warranty and we only use the world’s best implants from Sweden&Martina and Straumann.

We also specialize in the installation of metal-free implants. We installed the first zirconia implants already in 1998.

Hambad puseriti
Crooked teeth


Your teeth will straighten with transparent braces, which are so modest that your friends will not realize that you are straightening your teeth.

That’s not the case with braces, is it?

Welcome to our clinic

Meet – Dr. Mõttus

Welcome to our clinic

” … there are no oral health conditions that cannot be solved, a solution must be found” – this reflects Meeme’s attitude towards his work. His passion is to create a beautiful smile by solving complex treatment cases using technology that imitates nature.

Dr.Meeme Mõttus has been active in the development of innovative technologies and treatment methods since 1993. He has attended numerous international courses around the world (United States, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Monaco, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, England, Italy, France, Germany, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, etc.). Dr. Meeme Mõttus provides high-quality training for colleagues in the world and in Estonia. In 2000, Meeme graduated from the University of Helsinki with a master’s degree in oral rehabilitation.

He is a lecturer in therapeutic methods in implantology, dental restoration and prosthetics of the world’s largest manufacturers such as KaVo, BioHorizons, NobelBiocare, Ivoclar, Sirona Cerec.

As his passion is innovation and quality, Meeme is completing his research and PhD at the University of Tartu on “Biological and biochemical variables around dental implants and various crown materials and structures”. A new study is currently underway to further investigate the role of certain macromolecules and the effects of surface treatment on gingivitis and jawbone.